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  • Today Frontiers is excited to welcome Rebecca Karoff, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs with The University of Texas System to tell us about the work of the DOERS3 Collaborative, specifically the OER Equity Blueprint and the Equity Through OER Rubric. WCET agrees that while higher education can see the benefits of open educational resources [...]
  • Institutions that offer programs to students who utilize Veterans Benefits must be aware of institutional compliance requirements that are to be observed by August 1, 2021. Our colleague Leah Matthews, Executive Director and CEO, Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), joins me today to explain what the law is and to highlight several sections institutions that [...]
  • We, at WCET, often hear how institutions and state systems are being pushed by state leaders to be more attentive to state workforce needs. We also hear about the innovations that are happening in the many types of postsecondary credentials that are now available. We are pleased to have as our guest, our friend, Ken [...]

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