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    Good morning WCET Community, We are working on developing a course revision strategy as part of our online course design and development process. Does anyone have a strategy they use at their institution ...

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    Allan, This is a question about budgeting and not management accounting. If it were the latter, there'd be some fact of the matter to guide you. With budgeting, the answer has to do with a number ...

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    Colleagues and I are investigating faculty experiences using synchronous video-based communication technology (e.g., Zoom, WebEx) and how recent experiences working from home and teaching at a distance ...

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    Greetings all, I'm interested in learning if there are any institutions that have developed a "cost to deliver course" number for your non-credit/professional development programs. As we are ...

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  • It is no secret that many of us on the WCET team, myself included, enjoy listening to podcasts. In fact, weve recommended podcasts in several of our summer listen lists. This year, one of the podcasts we included in our Quarantainment post was the Get Online podcast from Great Plains IDEA. After listening to these [...]
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    Last month I asked our readers to contemplate whether or not we’re “on a road to nowhere” as we prepare for the fall and beyond. Today, I want to take a look at where we are on that road and consider what this journey may look like for the next several months. So where are [...]

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