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    It is old, but Standing Stones consulting's describes the costs and benefits from arrangements to various online business models depending inhow deep you want to make your relationships - https://www.scribd.com/document/210824567/Business-Models-for-Distributed-Learning ...

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    Hi Russ! Thank you for your reply and links to information regarding this topic. I believe we're looking for paths where students can... Collaborate on projects that expand their exposure ...

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    Holly - Great question! I think we'd be interested in you expanding a bit about what you are expecting/hoping for in "increasing online student collaboration." Are you talking about within a course or ...

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    Hello WCET Community! I recently had a conversation with a colleague regarding the use of "sister schools" as a strategy for increasing online student collaboration. Have information and/or best ...

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  • Today I’m here to talk about community, specifically the technical way we at WCET are working to build a community for higher education professionals and how we plan to support that community. As the Community Manager for wcetMIX, our online community platform, it’s a major part of my job not only to understand the technical [...]
  • In 1985 The Talking Heads released “Road to Nowhere.” That song, and that metaphor, have been on my mind a lot lately as I think about where higher education is going in the fall and beyond. It’s all too clear that we are going somewhere, but I’m not sure that any of us are very [...]

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